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About Us

Virginia and Rick are the proud owners of Marsal Studios with sales office locations in West Hartford and Norwich Connecticut. Virginia has been an advocate of preserving memories all her life. Her determination and perserverance led her to turn what has been a life long passion into a successful business. She calls herself a memory consultant because she is not only a great photographer, videographer, and album designer, but she can advise you on how best to use their services and technologies to making your memories "magical".

Rick is her husband and lifelong partner since they were 11 years old. A well established management consultant and photographer/videographer, Rick provides technical oversight to all Marsal Studios productions. An accomplished editor, graphics and web designer, Rick will be sure to bring out the "wow" factor for you.

Together, Virginia and Rick and their team are an unbeatable combination to capture your family or corporate event. Along with their fabulous production crew, Marsal Studios excels in customer service excellence and satisfaction. Having produced over one thousand weddings and special events, a signature wedding production from Marsal Studios is a treasure which you and your family will enjoy for generations to come.